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FAQ / General Information
General Information

There are many different types of interviewing software. What is so special about EQUIP®?

EQUIP® emerged from practical experience gained in daily market research work. This means it is made by Practitioners for Practitioners. When working with EQUIP® this becomes apparent very quickly. Even very complex questionnaires, which include skips and complex branches, can be developed efficiently without extensive training.

For what kinds of surveys can EQUIP® be used?

EQUIP® is adequate for all kinds of online- as well as offline surveys. Examples for the application are:
Product concept tests
Opinion Polls
Customer satisfaction studies
Employee surveys
Research on advertising effectiveness
Image research
Website-Evaluation with PopUp or Banner
Surveys for psychological studies

Which EQUIP® licenses are availlable?

EQUIP® is available as an online- or offline version as well as in a full version. For further information check out PRODUCTS.

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